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Mia 8 bay pin code charging locker
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The Mia Charging Locker can be purchased or rented


£ 995.00 + VAT


£ 9.95 + VAT

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The MIA 8 Bay Pin Code Charging Locker is an innovative cell phone charging locker for safely storing all valuables including wallets, keys, and cameras. This locker features an all-new, modern design and internals. A voice assistant guides users through the storing and retrieving process while the pin code keypad eliminates lost keys for guests.


Each locker bay contains three cables to charge today’s latest phones. Made with durable, industrial-grade materials to protect from theft and frequent usage. It can be securely attached to any wall to prevent theft or damage. Convenient placement in waiting areas allows guests to comfortably sit next to their phone while it charges.


Industrial-graded, Tamper-proofed Braided 1-to-3 cable charging cables

Output: 5V/2.4A fast charging

6-digit Pin Code locking system, ease of use just like a hotel safe.

LED indicator - Green: Available / Red: Occupied.

Voice Assistant Guide (male or female voice)

1.5mm Thick Cold-rolled Steel Housing

Outdoor Durable Spray Paint

Dimensions: 660mm (H) x 410mm (W) x 205mm (D)

Weight: 23kg

Weight of stand: 20kg

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